Websites Designed for Your Customers

Hi there, I'm Tomasz. I strive to design not only beautiful but also practical websites. Together, we will determine what should be included on your website to achieve its purpose.

Why should you work with me?

Together, we will create something special!

I can help you develop the concept, prototype, or plan the implementation of the website on the server. The consultation before starting the work is free of charge. Perhaps it's worth establishing what you need?

We will focus on designing something practical. There are many ready-made projects on the internet, but it's important that your website fulfills a specific function. What function? We will discuss that during our meeting.

Who am I exactly? Check Linkedin! I am happy to discuss the project

Communication with Tom is professional. I am very satisfied with the results of our work.

Maciek from

I haven't collaborated with someone so dedicated to their work in a long time. A person with passion - highly recommended!

Sylwia from

I design websites in harmony with human nature. So, what do you mean, Thomas?

"When in doubt, psychology is involved." Ha! You're probably thinking about money already, aren't you? Do you always do that? Relax, I was joking. It's natural because that's how our minds work. That's why I decided to design websites with users in mind. Let me explain.

My goal is to take care of your customers. Each of us can only absorb a certain amount of information. If there's too much of it, the user may get lost or miss important information. That's how cognitive filters work (you'll read about them on my blog someday)

Websites look great on different devices. This means that on a large screen, a small screen, or a medium-sized screen, the user will intuitively navigate through it.

"Less is more." And more means "more sensibly." Do you agree? You don't have to be a master of logic to realize that it doesn't sound quite right. The message is: "Less clutter" on your website means "more satisfaction" with its use.

You convinced me - how do I contact you?

Liber veritatis, or the book of truth...

Everyone wants to know it, but we still shy away from it. In a world of instant information exchange, it's difficult for us to determine what's true and what's fake news. I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes me a lot of time to figure out what's black and what's white. By signing up for the newsletter, I will share my thoughts based on reliable scientific knowledge. Sometimes I will let you know about the news on this website. I will write infrequently, but specifically.

This is a great expression of trust!
It's easy to sign up somewhere and then receive massive amounts of spam. That's why I want to thank you again for your trust. I believe this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
See you soon!
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